Thursday, 28 July 2011

Thread Words

Thread Words
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Your objective is to find words in a five high grid of letters. Find words by selecting letter from each column. On each level there's0 pairs of shapes. Make words matching each shape on the left with the same shape on the right to unlock the next level. After matching all shapes you can continue to find the remainder of the words for a higher score or immediately move on to the next level.

Product Description

Thread Words is a word search game for Kindle.

The game progresses through four levels of difficulty, with grids that increase from four to 7 letters across. Each word you find is worth twenty points per letter, and in case you find all of the qualifying words you get an 800 point bonus! Try to beat the clock or take your time in relaxed mode. The game tracks separate high scores for each mode.

In case you like word games, you'll love Thread Words!


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